Brand Surveys Without the Tears

49 Minute OnDemand Webcast

Conducting a brand measurement survey is a powerful way of gaining a firsthand account of your brand from customers and prospects. Often, it is the only practical way of methodically taking the temperature of the market, to really understand how customers and prospects think about your organization and about your competitors, and to assess the impact of brand and communications campaigns. Done right, a brand survey is a strategic tool that can influence decision-making across the organization.

In this replay you will learn a practical approach to conducting a successful brand survey that delivers reliable, accurate and actionable insights for your organization.

For Brand and Communications Leaders:

  • A simple process for developing and implementing a brand measurement survey, from scratch.

  • An introduction to the SiriusDecisions Brand Measurement Framework, a tried-and-tested approach for measuring brand reputation

  • An approach for assessing and diagnosing issues with awareness, preference and perception for your organization.

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Ian Bruce
Research Director,
Brand & Communications Strategies

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