Enablement Is the New Black: Driving Peak Competence Across the Entire Revenue Engine
1 Hour Webcast
Thursday, November 14
12:00 PM ET | 9:00 AM PT
How many teams and roles in your organization interact directly with your buyers? How many get involved after prospects become customers? What are you doing to ensure internal consistency and excellence in all interactions throughout the buyer and customer journeys, so that you can build external loyalty, advocacy and growth?

Modern b-to-b organizations invest significant resources to support buyers and customers throughout their pre- and post-sale lifecycles. To deliver the best results from those investments, companies must unify the internal enablement that allows sellers, partners and customer success and customer marketing teams to optimize the external experience.

This webcast will provide the following benefits for sales, marketing, customer success and channel:

● Learn to identify the connections between sales, partner and customer success interactions that must be supported by enterprise-wide enablement opportunities

● Discover how to deploy the SiriusDecisions Revenue Enablement Framework to create win-win outcomes for all involved parties

● Understand how to deliver a more comprehensive enablement service that ultimately serves the customer’s best interests
Peter Ostrow
Sr. Research Director,
Sales Enablement Strategies
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