2016 SiriusFoundations Encore Series

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Sirius Decisions: Intelligent Growth


Presenter: Julie Ogilvie
Communications leaders recognize the need to modernize their approaches and demonstrate measureable business impact. This session will discuss the SiriusDecisions Brand Measurement Framework, Influencer Framework and B-to-B Social Media Readiness Assessment, as well as preview a recently-released Communications model.

Content Strategy/Operations
Presenter: Phyllis Davidson
B-to-b organizations require a content hub and center of excellence in order to increase content quality, utilization and performance, and decrease waste. In this session, we will provide an overview of the SiriusDecisions Content Model and deep-dive into the SiriusDecisions Content Strategy Turbine.

Customer Experience
Presenter: Lisa Nakano
B-to-b customer experience addresses what happens when a buyer becomes a customer and ensures maximum engagement, growth and advocacy. This session will provide a comprehensive definition of the customer experience role and an overview of relevant models and frameworks, including the Customer Lifecycle and the Customer Experience Design Framework.

Demand Creation
Presenter: Terry Flaherty, Isabel Montesdeoca
Demand creation leaders are responsible for creating repeatable pipeline generation processes and programs to deliver high-quality leads. This session will provide an overview of the basic terminology needed for sales and marketing alignment, along with previews of the SiriusDecisions Relative Targeting Model and the Persona Framework.

Channel Marketing and Management
Presenters: Stephanie Sissler, Kathy Contreras
Best-in-class organizations establish, by function, the key processes and activites required to build, manage and grow a successful indirect business. In this presentation, we will discuss the challenges of engaging channel partners and also review relevant models and frameworks, including the SiriusDecisions Channel Program Model and SiriusDecisions PX Maturity Model.

Marketing Operations and Measurement
Presenters: Marcia Trask, Ross Graber
Marketing operations activates marketing strategy, applies insights to drive decisionmaking, establishes the technology roadmap and creates plans for growth. This presentation will provide an overview of the Marketing Operations role, as well as some of the relevant models and frameworks, including the Metrics Spectrum, the Aligned Measurement Process Model, and the Marketing Competency Framework.

Account-Based Marketing
Presenter: Matt Senatore
Account-Based Marketing is not a tactic or a one-off initiative – it’s a discipline that results in tighter organizational alignment. This session will provide an overview of the SiriusDecisions Account-Based Marketing Framework and the ABM Account Prioritization Model, so you can lay the groundwork for your ABM initiatives.

Portfolio Marketing
Presenter: Rachel Young
The portfolio marketing leader is responsible for bringing a b-to-b organization's portfolio of offerings to market. This presentation will provide an overview of the SiriusDecisions Product Marketing and Management Model, the Buyer Persona Framework and the Messaging Nautilus, which will help optimize the Portfolio Marketing role.

Product Management
Presenter: Lisa Singer
Strong cross-functional leadership is critical for successful product management, given its mandate to work across functions and organizations. This session will provide an overview of the Product Ecosystem, the SiriusDecisions Portfolio Optimization Framework, and the SiriusDecisions Product Marketing and Management Model.

Sales Effectiveness: Enablement
Presenters: Heather Cole, Peter Ostrow
Sales enablement leaders face a variety of challenges focused on sales talent, assets and structure. In this session, we will provide an overview of relevant SiriusDecisions models and frameworks for a successful sales enablement program, including the Sales Talent Lifecycle Framework, the Sales Onboarding Effectiveness and Efficiency Model and the Attribute-Based Sales Process.

Sales Efficiency: Operations
Presenter: Steve Silver
In many cases, sales operations has been a tactical, reactive function, but is evolving into a primary driver of sales change. In this session, we will discuss the responsibilities and initiatives of the sales operations role, in addition to reviewing the Relative Productivity Framework and the Attribute-Based Sales Process.

Sales, Marketing, and Product Technology
Presenter: Jacques Begin
The management of technology and service providers is a core skill that's necessary in every marketing, sales and product organization. This presentation will provide an overview of the sales, marketing and product ecosystems, in addition to other relevant models and frameworks that enable b-to-b organizations to select the best technology providers for their needs.

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