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Sirius Decisions: Intelligent Growth


The Art & Science of Identifying and Prioritizing Customer Needs
Presenters: Jeff Lash, Rachel Young
A thorough understanding of customer needs is the foundation for successful innovation, marketing and selling. However, most companies lack a complete, consistent approach to uncovering needs and determining the most important ones to address across market-facing functions. Through our proprietary research, we have created a framework and process that organizations can leverage to anticipate and address customer needs across sales, marketing and product.

The Revenue Stream: Completing the Demand Waterfall®
Presenters: Terry Flaherty, Mark Levinson, Bruce Brien
Over the last decade, the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall has become the industry standard for b-to-b demand management and measurement. Gaining a highly granular, numbers-driven understanding of the downstream stages of the Demand Waterfall – starting with sales generated leads and ending with close – is critical for organizations trying to maximize the conversion of qualified demand to revenue.

Customer Experience: The Definitive Guide to What Matters
Presenter: Megan Heuer
Despite the fact that so many companies are trying to become more customer-focused, most leaders struggle to understand what it takes to deliver a b-to-b customer experience that drives growth, retention, loyalty and raving fans. To help out, we went straight to the source for answers: customers. The results of our new study paint a comprehensive picture of what b-to-b customers want after they buy, and what companies should do about it.

Evaluating B-to-B Sales Organizations: The Productivity Quotient
Presenters: John Neeson, Phil Harrell, Mark Levinson
Determining what makes one sales organization “better” than others takes more than just looking at current revenue attainment; those sales teams that consistently outperform others, and do so in a highly predictable manner, demonstrate a pattern of behaviors and characteristics. Our new sales productivity quotient defines the core elements that must be measured and analyzed in order to calculate sales productivity, and takes into account how other functions such as Marketing and product contribute.

Product to Audience-Centric Transformation: A B-to-B Odyssey
Presenter: Marisa Kopec
While a majority of b-to-b companies aspire to be audience-, buyer- or solution-centric in their go-to-market strategy and execution, few adequately manage the challenges and barriers to doing so. How does an organization transform from product-centric myopia to an outward-looking approach?

The SiriusDecisions Disruption Radar: An Advance Warning System
Presenters: Jay Gaines, Monica Behncke
Disruption is inevitable for every b-to-b company in every industry, and those that think they are safe will almost certainly be most at risk. Leaders must learn how to spot and take advantage of disruptive trends, in order to gain – or maintain – a position of market leadership.

A Crisis of Competency: Why B-to-B Skills Enhancement Is Broken
Presenters: Tony Jaros, Amanda Jensen
The gap between what people in many b-to-b organizations are being asked to do and what they are equipped to do is significant, and growing. Enablement efforts by sales, marketing and product are well intentioned but often woefully inadequate due to a lack of understanding of what they are trying to accomplish, and the absence of a strong connection to corporate growth strategies.

Sales Content: What Winners Do Differently
Presenters: Heather Cole, Chrstine Polewarczyk
The experience of most b-to-b sales reps trying to find the content they need is not unlike the plight of a shipwrecked sailor: water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. There are, however, organizations that are managing and delivering sales content in a highly effective manner; the results from our new sales content survey detail exactly what they are doing to set themselves apart.

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