#SDWomensNetwork Forum at 2019 Summit: Master Your Inner Game

Sunday, May 5, 2019 
2:45 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.
The Fairmont Austin

Due to overwhelming interest in our #SDWomensNetwork events, we’re excited to host a dedicated half-day session on Sunday, May 5th at #SDSummit. 

Are you craving more in your career? More recognition, more money, and more impact with what you do? Whether you are looking to make a shift into a different role, enter the C-suite, serve on boards, or become a better leader and inspire your team to success, the key to realizing your dreams is not about what you do, it’s about how you think. Once you master your beliefs about what is possible, everything you hope to achieve in your career, personal life and financial future will be open to you. 

Join leadership and business coach, Deb Boulanger, for an inspiring and interactive session that will help you master your inner game and enjoy more success and fulfillment in your life and career.

The inspiration behind our women's network comes from the desire to create a forum for women to meet and exchange ideas and career advice, while supporting the development and promotion of women across all industries in business. It's all about Collaboration, Contribution and Personal Growth.

The forum will be focused on empowering women leaders in the workforce, however, we encourage anyone to participate.

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Deb Boulanger, CEO of The Great Do-Over

Deb is the CEO of The Great Do-Over, where she works with smart and accomplished women to overcome fear, resistance and self sabotage to create more impact through their work. She is also founder of The Launch Lab for Women Entrepreneurs, a virtual accelerator for women who are making the leap from leadership to entrepreneurship. As the NYC Chapter Leader for Empowering A Billion Women by 2020, Deb helps women entrepreneurs get the financial literacy and business strategy to launch, grow and scale their business. Deb spent 20 years at Gartner Inc as a leader in product management and marketing. She lives in Sag Harbor, NY with her son, Jared, who is a sophomore at the University of Michigan.