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Account-Based Marketing: What It Takes to Get Started

Everywhere you turn, “account-based marketing” is the latest buzzword bandied about by b-to-b marketers. In fact, 92 percent of B2B organizations stating account-based marketing is “extremely” or “very” important to their marketing initiatives. With companies who use ABM now reporting powerful results, the big question is how to get started. In this Webcast, hosted by Matt Senatore, we provide the SiriusDecisions definition of account-based marketing, describe the different ABM models B2B marketers deploy and provide a framework that best-in-class ABM organizations follow to develop a strategy and execute against Account-Based Marketing.

Account-Based Marketing at Scale: The Insights and Technology Foundation

What does it take to successfully execute Account-Based Marketing at scale? Two foundational elements are required; One is insights to fuel your prioritization, messaging and engagement strategy. The other is technology to enable your program execution and measurement. In this Webcast, Megan Heuer will share requirements for insights to fuel ABM, and highlight the ABM technology landscape that B2B organizations need to engage and grow their target accounts in 2016.

Customer Marketing and Customer Success: The New B-to-B Power Couple

Meet the new b-to-b power couple: Customer marketing and customer success. As companies strive to understand their existing customers better to increase retention and growth, these two functions play increasingly important roles. To get the most from these teams requires an aligned approach to optimize customer experience while also providing valuable insights and productivity. In this Webcast hosted by Lisa Nakano and Bob Peterson, we outline the contributions of customer marketing and customer success functions and introduce a framework for alignment that benefits both the customer and the company.

Better Customer Experience Is Within Reach: How to Get Started

Customer experience a critical element of growth and retention in b-to-b. Companies who figure out how to scale customer focus and make customer experience a competitive advantage see significant business impact. So how can companies get started with customer experience optimization? What are the most important things to focus to build a customer-centric program? In this Webcast, Lisa Nakano shares proven steps for establishing a world-class B-to-B customer experience program.

Customer Advocacy: What Your Marketing Is Missing Now

Customer advocacy is the new demand creation in b-to-b. Increasingly, companies are discovering the power of advocacy-based marketing, from helping to source demand, to nurturing customer relationships, to supporting retention. Cultivating and activating customer advocates is a high-impact strategy, but how should marketers deliver on it? In this Webcast, hosted by Bob Peterson, we will provide the SiriusDecisions view of the contributions of customer advocacy, outline key processes, and describe how leading organizations are making more strategic use of customer advocacy across the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle.

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