Aligning the Buyer and Customer Journey

1-hour Webcast Replay

Sirius Decisions: Intelligent Growth


Silos are a killer in b-to-b when it comes to keeping buyers and customers at the center of revenue-generating functions. How should an organization align the concepts of buyer and customer journeys in order for sales and marketing to understand their roles within an overarching process? This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales:

  • Understand how a balance of focus between opportunity and relationship goals leads to higher, more predictable growth

  • Learn what other functions in the organization can do to make this blended focus easier for sales to execute

For marketing:

  • Understand how to integrate the customer lifecycle and buyer’s journey into planning and campaign strategy

  • Learn how an aligned buyer/customer journey helps to drive customer loyalty and scale demand creation



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Megan Heuer
Vice President and Group Director


Jen Horton
Research Director