Applying Agile: How It Can Help and When It Doesn't

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Agile development is now the predominant way technology products (especially those that are software-as-a-service) are created. The widespread use of agile in product development also has spurred experimentation in marketing and sales. While agile can be a great approach, it must be applied and implemented properly, and there are situations not well suited for it.

This webcast provides the following benefits:

  • Understand the basic principles and philosophy of agile, and how it differs from other approaches

  • Learn how organizations are applying agile within sales, marketing and product, and the benefits they are realizing

  • Identify the key factors to evaluate when choosing whether to follow an agile approach

This is an encore presentation of a session from the 2016 SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange.


Jeff Lash
VP & Group Director

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Guest Spotlight Speaker:
Davor Golac

Group Manager, Office 365