Fast Track Your B2B Marketing Certification
9 October 2019  |  15:00 - 17:00
Arcadia at InterContinental London – The O2
Accelerate your path to becoming B2B marketing certified with a live classroom experience from Forrester’s B2B Marketing course. This live classroom experience of “Module 2: Targeting Personas to Develop a Winning Go-to-Market Strategy” is your head start to building a strong foundation of knowledge and developing meaningful, ongoing relationships with customers. This course will not only shape the knowledge of those that are new to B2B, but it will also align seasoned teams on key concepts and terminology. After attending the live session, continue to the online learning environment to cement your understanding of B2B marketing, gain hands-on experience with our B2B marketing toolkit, and earn your certification as a B2B marketer! 


  • Who is your organization selling to?
  • Personas, buyer roles, relative targeting, TAM
  • What is your organization selling?
  • Demand type and needs aperture 
  • How do you bring your offering to market?
  • Routes to market (direct, indirect, hybrid)
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