How to Make Customer Engagement Work in The Real World:

Lessons from Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Journey

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Every b-to-b company says customer experience is critical, but how are they investing to improve that post-sale engagement? It turns out some are doing more than others, and smart companies know the marketing function is critical to making those efforts consistent and scalable. So, what’s working best for post-sale b-to-b customer engagement now? 

Megan Heuer from SiriusDecisions shares an introduction on trends in customer engagement today and what customers say they want after they buy that companies may be missing. Joining her is Simon Robinson, Head of Global Customer & Event Marketing at Oracle Marketing Cloud (OMC). Simon shares his lessons from the evolution of their global post-sale engagement programs, including how the function has worked to drive revenue growth, improve customer loyalty/retention, and amplify customer advocacy.

Specifically, we explore:

  • How did the team at Oracle encourage their leadership to understand the need for investment in post-sale customer engagement and how do they measure impact?

  • What do b-to-b customers say they want post-sale and how can multiple functions work together to deliver that experience in a coordinated way?

  • How do companies like Oracle balance the need for pipeline growth-focused activities with positive non-selling interactions that build customer loyalty?

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Megan Heuer
Vice President, Research

Simon Robinson
Head of Global Customer & Event Marketing,
Oracle Marketing Cloud