Intelligent Growth™ Through
Customer Lifecycle Management

Sirius Decisions: Intelligent Growth

SiriusDecisions research shows that for more than two-thirds of b-to-b companies, customer experience is considered absolutely critical to their company’s overall position in the market today. At the same time, only half of b-to-b companies make their customer experience function responsible for mapping the complete customer experience.

After so much focus on the buyer’s journey, the time is right for companies to create an aligned, consistent post-sale customer lifecycle that brings together all the functions who are part of it. SiriusDecisions has developed its Customer Lifecycle Framework to make it easier for companies to outline their post-sale phases from two points of view: the company and the customer. This approach allows a company to quickly identify where there are gaps or problems, as well as where they can create competitive advantage through their customer experience delivery.

Clients have used the framework to help define their own customer lifecycle faster and more accurately and build on it to deliver a superior customer experience. Some key benefits SiriusDecisions has seen with implementation of this framework include:

  • Improvement in growth via better retention and higher revenue from existing customers

  • Higher levels of customer advocacy/reference participation that helps to shorten sales cycles and improve general brand perception

  • Improved efficiency from coordinated efforts across internal functions and not wasting or duplicating efforts

Download your copy of the Customer Lifecycle Framework today to get started or seize the opportunity to build great customer relationships!

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