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Predictive Lead Scoring

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Although 68 percent of b-to-b organizations that have implemented MAPs to score their leads, only 40 percent of these organizations reported that their sales teams agree or strongly agree that lead scoring adds value.

With the lack of ROI proof with traditional lead scoring systems, predictive lead scoring is on the rise. Organizations are increasingly applying statistical techniques to identify and prioritize sales prospects in order to reach the right prospects first and fast. 

Key Findings

  • Organizations are just beginning to adopt predictive lead scoring: 64 percent of b-to-b organizations surveyed have used predictive lead scoring for less than a year, 24 percent for one to two years, five percent from two to three years and seven percent have used predictive lead scoring for longer than three years.

  • Small and medium businesses have embraced predictive lead scoring more than larger businesses: 83 percent of b-to-b organizations using predictive lead scoring have less than $250M in annual revenues. 17 percent of those companies with annual revenues between$251M and $1B use predictive lead scoring.

  • The technology industry is ahead of the curve: 78 percent of companies using predictive lead scoring are in the High Tech industry. 

  • The majority of users find value in predictive lead scoring: 98 percent of respondents say they would purchase predictive lead scoring again.

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