Introducing The SiriusDecisions Revenue Engine Planning Tool

30 Minute OnDemand Webcast

Getting b-to-b sales and marketing organizations aligned and working toward shared goals is critical to driving increased revenue and profitability. Introduced last May, the SiriusDecisions Sales and Marketing Planning Models introduced a framework for aligned sales and marketing annual planning. Today, the new Revenue Engine Planning tool is a hands-on tool that you can use to align your sales revenue plan with your marketing production plan.

In this replay we will share the step-by-step processes for establishing objectives, routes to market, coverage and segmentation structures that link directly to corporate goals and the go-to-market architecture. We will introduce the models and discuss how sales and marketing should collaboratively develop their annual plans to ensure a well-defined and coordinated approach to kicking off the year with everything in place. 

You will walk away with the following:

  • An overview of the SiriusDecisions Revenue Engine Planning tool so you can see the steps at a high level

  • An introduction of a hypothetical company that has a planning challenge so we can simulate their sales and marketing planning steps

  • And then we will show you how the new Revenue Engine Planning tool will enable you to build a marketing plan on top of a realistic sales revenue plan.

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Craig Moore
Executive Research Director,
Marketing Executive Strategies,

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