2016 Portfolio Marketing and Product Management Strategies Best Practices

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Personas: The Catalyst for Becoming Buyer-Centric

Every b-to-b organization claims it wants to be more buyer-centric, but the challenge is how to do it. Buyer personas are the catalyst for shifting an entire business to a buyer focus. Join Christina McKeon to learn how you can leverage The SiriusDecisions Persona Toolkit to target, develop and deploy personas, no matter where your skill level is today.

SiriusDecisions Summit Preview for Product Marketing and Product Management

The 2016 SiriusDecisions Summit will feature four full days of data-driven best practices research, unveiling of new innovations across the b-to-b space and networking with an elite community of more than 2,500 sales, marketing and product leaders. Join Rachel Young and Jeff Lash as they preview the planned sessions, new research and other exciting activities that will make the Summit a can’t miss for product marketing and product management leaders.

B-to-B Thought Leadership

Whether an organization is in the midst of attempting to penetrate industries, considering how to reach C-level audiences, or just battling it out in a competitive market, thought leadership can help drive better results. Join Pat McAnally to learn about the SiriusDecisions Thought Leadership Maturity Model, how to structure the approach, who should participate and how this effort interlocks with broader campaign planning.

Making the Shift From Product To Solution

Many companies are shifting their go-to-market approach from product to solution to capitalize on growth opportunities with new markets and new buyers. What are the common challenges and pitfalls that hinder solution success? Join Rachel Young to learn about the SiriusDecisions Solution Model and key considerations for developing an effective solution go-to-market strategy.

Driving Alignment and Strategy Through Product Roadmaps

Roadmaps are key deliverables used to lay out the future plans for a product and to communicate that plan to internal and external audiences, yet they are often created and used inappropriately. Join Jeff Lash as he shares best practices for creating, documenting and communicating with roadmaps.

Better Launch Results Through a Launch Tier Model

Marketers often jump right to a launch checklist without addressing the strategic elements of a launch first. A proven approach for getting better launch results is to adopt The SiriusDecisions Launch Tier Model. Join Christina McKeon to learn how launch tiering can ensure the appropriate allocation of time, money and resources across all your launches.



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