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Pricing and Packaging Best Practices
1-hour OnDemand Webcast

Organizations often struggle to create a single offering and price structure for multiple different customer segments or markets. Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” offering, we recommend tailoring the offering to the buyer needs through pricing and product strategies such as bundling and tiered pricing architectures. Join Lisa Singer in this webcast as she provides best practices for segmenting your target market and offers reasons why each values as a prerequisite for pricing and packaging strategies

Adapting B-to-B Product Management to Agile
1-hour OnDemand Webcast

As more b-to-b organizations adopt agile and scrum practices for their software and product development, product management often struggles to determine what should change and what should stay the same. There are five major areas of product management that are impacted by agile -- even within those areas, though, there are some elements that change with agile, and some that do not. Join Jeff Lash in this webcast as introduces the SiriusDecisions Agile Product Management Adaptation Framework and provides guidance to those leading product management teams who are using agile or making the transition.

Evaluating Proposed Products and Investments with an Offering Scorecard
1-hour OnDemand Webcast

Over-reliance on financial criteria for innovation investment decision making can be problematic because often the data used is not accurate and financial predictions are just wrong. Best practice is to accompany financial criteria with other factors - that are strong predictors of success - such as 'strategic fit' and 'ability to win' when deciding where to invest often scarce development funds. Join Jeff Lash in this webinar, as he reviews the SiriusDecisions Offering Scorecard and shows how to use it in action.

Strategic Product Management
1-hour OnDemand Webcast

In product management, strategy is not a one and done thing. It’s not something that is addressed only during planning season or each time the roadmap is updated. Strategic planning and execution is something great product management leaders are doing everyday, from the identification to lucrative market opportunities to the development of the product portfolio and its go-to-market execution. Many product management leaders are struggling to identify and train on the right strategic behaviors. Join Jeff Lash and Lisa Singer in this webcast as they review five key behaviors that are critical for successful product leaders.

Competitive Analysis for Product Management
1-hour OnDemand Webcast

Gathering competitive intelligence is an important product management responsibility, but many product managers struggle with analyzing competitive information and using it to drive competitive strategy. Join Lisa Singer in this webcast as she reviews the key attributes that product managers need to consider when gathering competitive information and presents a groundbreaking framework for analyzing the competition and developing competitive strategy.

Product Investment-Decision Making
1-hour OnDemand Webcast

When an organization only has one product, investment decisions are relatively straightforward. But with two or two dozen -- or two hundred -- new and existing products competing for investment, how can product management and business leaders make appropriate decisions about which initiatives to approve? Join Jeff Lash and Lisa Singer in this webcast as they discuss best practices for product investment decision-making and show how a consistent, objective offering scorecard can make the process quicker and easier and result in better outcomes.

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