How to Make AI-Driven Omnichannel
a Reality

Lunch and Learn with Radius

Thursday, May 18
12:00 p.m. - 1:10 p.m.
Veronese 2401

We’ve heard it over and over again–right place, right time, right person, right offer. But how will we ever orchestrate the perfect campaign when buyers are wildly dynamic and channels are seemingly endless? Campaigns of the future must integrate artificial intelligence (AI) not to replace marketers, but to support us in the ever growing complexities and expectations we face.

Join John Hurley from Radius and Brian Jones from DWA, leading experts in combining AI and omnichannel marketing, for an inside look at the campaigns of the future and how you can begin building them today. Learn how America’s top B2B brands:

  • Increase digital campaign reach by 4x immediately 

  • Combine 400+ new data types with machine-learning for new targeting techniques 

  • Layer multi-channels to achieve a 200% lift in engagement


John Hurley, Sr. Director of Demand & Content Marketing, Radius
John is a modern marketing & sales leader with a passion for leveraging people, process, and technology to drive revenue growth. He has helped define new leading software categories as a thought leader and sets Radius’ vision for go-to-market strategies, integrated campaigns, and sales enablement.

Brian Jones, Head of Global Performance Advertising & Biddable Media, DWA
Brian leads DWA's performance advertising and biddable media practice, with experience in a wide array of digital media, including SEM, SEO, display advertising, and conversion rate optimization. Previously, he worked for various marketing services companies and advertisers, including Paychex,, Adchemy, and most recently, Zeta Interactive, where he was VP, Search and UX.

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