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What Works: The Emerging Role of Content Strategy and Operations

The phrase "content marketing" looms large in b-to-b. There's a lot of chatter out there on trendy tactics, but most b-to-b organizations don't have the right resources and processes in place to take advantage of the content marketing opportunity. Leading b-to-b organizations have implemented a content strategy and operations function to act as the hub for content excellence throughout the organization, leading the way to major improvements in content quality and cross-functional process. In this session hosted by Erin Provey, we introduce the role of b-to-b content strategy and operations and provide best practices for implementing or optimizing this role in your organization.

What Works: The B-to-B Content Audit

B-to-b organizations struggle to tame the content beast. We have too much of the wrong kind of content, not enough of the right kind of content, and most of it is locked up in old systems and tools, making it difficult to impossible to find. The first step in solving this problem is conducting a content audit to eliminate content clutter, create a content inventory, and optimize systems, processes, and taxonomy in order to mitigate the recurrence of the problem. In this session presented by Christine Polewarczyk, we provide a best practice, step-wise approach to conducting a content audit and taming the content beast in your organization.

What Works: Post-Acquisition B-to-B Brand Strategy

When two organizations come together through acquisition, a massive integration effort inevitably follows - teams, systems, processes, and often even products themselves must be integrated. Perhaps the most visible external symbol of this integration effort is the brand itself, and yet it tends to often be an area in which decisions are made based on intuition and feeling instead of business rationale. In this session, Erin Provey will provide a best-practice framework for making decisions about the future of the acquired brand based on its current and future value to the business.

What Works: Activating B-to-B 3rd Party Influencers

When it comes to our experience as private consumers, most of us have relied on information from sources such as Consumer Reports or Car and Driver. However, in our roles as b-to-b marketers, we tend to forget (or perhaps simply ignore) that our buyers have this same inclination toward and preference for unbiased third-party information. The identification, engagement, and activation of these third party influencers is one of the key differentiators of high-performing marketing organizations. In this session presented by Julie Ogilvie, we provide an introduction to what best-in-class b-to-b influencer relations strategy looks like.

What Works: B-to-B Content Strategy

When it comes to b-to-b content, more isn't better. Better is better. Too many b-to-b organizations have focused on content quantity over quality, resulting in a cluttered mess of low-value content and low-performing campaigns.  Other organizations have spotty success stories (typically fueled by the intuitive decisions of individual contributors) but struggle to scale success into more consistent performance and business contribution. In this session, Erin Provey provides insight into what consistently high-performing b-to-b content strategists do differently.

What Works: Emerging B-to-B Communications and Content Technologies

The role of content and reputation in the integrated marketing mix has changed radically over the last decade, as has the technology that supports these efforts. This presents a challenge for every b-to-b organization: How do we understand the types of technologies that should be supporting content marketing and modern communications? When should we consider a purchase? In this session, Christine Polewarczyk provides an overview of well-established and emerging technology categories in the space and make predictions about the future of the landscape...and its implications on your business.

What Works: Best Practices for the B-to-B Rebrand

B-to-b organizations rebrand for a variety of reasons: outdated perceptions, impending business transformation, new market expansion, or M&A activity. While some rebranding exercises may simply be a logo facelift, most meaningful rebranding is much more than a superficial exercise - involving new messaging and often even an entirely different corporate identity, and representing hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) of dollars of investment. Too often, though, all the money and effort goes into the brand development, and little to no time and energy is saved for the roll-out of the new brand, resulting in a lack of understanding and adoption and a massive wasted investment. In this session presented by Julie Ogilvie, we provide best practices for rolling out a rebrand and getting the internal and external traction required for success.

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