Product Management

1-Hour OnDemand Webcast

As markets evolve and shift, product management leaders must identify and anticipate current and future customer and market needs. Additionally, they are tasked with making informed decisions about product investments and developing a pricing and packaging strategy. Join our foundational session on product management for an overview of core SiriusDecisions concepts, frameworks and terminology.

In this session, you will walk away with an understanding of:

  • processes and practices that enable you and your team to deliver successful products that drive business growth

  • key priorities such as identifying unmet customer needs, product portfolio investment decisions, pricing and packaging strategy, product lifecycle, agile enablement, and product organizational design and investment

  • SiriusDecisions models and frameworks, such as the Product Marketing and Management (PMM) Model, the Product Management Maturity Model and more

Sirius Decisions: Intelligent Growth


Lisa Singer
Research Director,
Product Management

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