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Understanding buyers and their behavior is the main ingredient to high‐ performance marketing and innovation. Yet 60% of b‐to‐b organizations admit they don’t really understand or know their buyers.

More and more b‐to‐b organizations are adopting personas to drive customer‐ centricity and to shift away from a product‐focused go‐to‐market approach. Companies who have adopted personas in their sales and marketing work streams report increase in their sales pipeline, higher quality leads, and more targeted messaging and content that enable sales to engage with buyers earlier in the decisionmaking process.

While SiriusDecisions research and best practices around personas are deep, the best way to demonstrate its value is through the eyes of our clients who have leveraged the frameworks and methodologies to positively impact their messaging, content, and campaign strategies. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • Leverage personas to enable more effective messaging

  • Validate personas with customers and sellers, and keep personas up to date

For sales:

  • Embed persona knowledge into sales training

  • Invite marketers on sales calls to listen and learn

For product:

  • Leverage persona insight to help reduce product launch failure

  • Support persona‐centric go‐to‐market approach to lift product growth

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Personas in Action

1-hour Webcast Replay

Rachel Young
Research Director,
Portfolio Marketing