SiriusDecisions Field Guide: Product Planning, Prioritization and Roadmapping Applications 2015

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We are pleased to announce the release of the SiriusDecisions Field Guide Product Planning, Prioritization and Roadmapping 2015. The Field Guide covers 11 vendors whose offerings are designed to assist product managers with developing product plans, prioritizing features and enhancements, and maintaining and communicating product roadmaps.

Adding deeper coverage of product planning, feature prioritization and product roadmap tools to our existing scope of research is important for several reasons:

1. We believe that product management tools can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of product management.

2. Until now, there has been no resource for guidance on product management tools.

3. In many cases, product managers are not aware that product management tools exist.

4. Satisfaction with tools currently in use by product managers for activities like roadmapping is low.